3 Ways To Create Good Content

One of the most frustrating thing when it comes to creating content for social media is knowing exactly what to post to create engagement. When it comes to creating content, you should ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Is this helpful? does it solve my target audience's problem?

  2. Is it detailed enough? is it valuable?

  3. Is it organized and easy to follow?

  4. Is it sharable/savable? would people want to share or save it for a later reference?

The reality is that there is SO much content out there nowadays. Podcasts, YouTube videos, blogs, ebooks, courses, digital downloads, Facebook ads, and the list could literally go on and on.

So how do you know what content will stand out and make people want to come back for more?

There are three categories content should fall under:

  1. Inspirational

Sharing motivational/inspirational content is always valuable. Not only does it push your audience to be the best versions of themselves, it helps them to know that you care and that you are relatable. Finding a good quote or sharing a story of how you got started are good ideas.

2. Educational

A great way to show that you are the expert in your industry, is to share information that will help solve your client's problems. Share ways that you can help them. For example, if you are in the skin care industry, you can give your audience tips on how to create a skin care routine, or help them figure out what skin type they have so they know what kind of skin care products to use.

3. Entertainment

Ever come across a meme on social media that had you lol? Sharing funny memes that will entertain your followers is a good way to humanize your brand. Find memes that you can make it relatable to your brand. Check out this meme that I shared on my Instagram page:


It was relatable and the meme was in the top current event searches (2021 Superbowl halftime show). I received 156 views and over 20 comments.

Creating content doesn't have to be hard. If you use these three categories and stay consistent, it will definitely help create engagement. Be sure to follow me for more brand design and social media tips. If this article was helpful, leave a comment and share!

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