The Importance of Branding and Why You Need It For Your Business

"Your business is the body. Your brand is the soul." Unknown

Branding sets you apart. It vocalise who we are and what we do. Your brand needs to be an experience that draws in clients and builds a solid foundation with your target audience. It’s the mission, values and vision of the company. It is the way you want your clients to feel. It’s the style and personality you convey. And it’s also the messages you send to your audience.

Branding enhances your business. We are all visual beings and most of the time we make our buying decision based on how something looks to us. That's why having a solid brand identity is extremely imperative. Not only does it sets you apart amongst your competition, but it will build your reputation and recognition in your field. You need to make sure you leave a lasting impression with your potential clients.

When you build a brand around your business, you connect with your audience in a more intimate way. You begin to build a tribe of loyal followers who know who you are and what you do. It's not just, "This is who we are, buy from us." You want your audience to feel you understand their needs. The key is to discover and express your brand in a way that your audience can appreciate.

Here are five questions to ask yourself...

  1. Who is my target audience?

  2. What problem am I solving?

  3. How am I different from my competitors?

  4. Why should people buy from me?

  5. Why do I do what do?

Do you have a brand around your business? Not sure where to start? My Brand Your Business Guide + Workbook is a good resource to begin. I created this guide and workbook to help small business owners like you to figure out what it takes to build a successful brand around their business.

Want to know how you can work with me? Go to "Work With Me" on the menu tab to learn more about my services and how to begin working with me.

Stay tuned for more blog posts! Have a branding topic that you would like for me to tap into? Be sure to leave a comment.

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